Chairman Message

Dear Parents,

We feel satisfied to see G.N.E.S.S.S., Bhilai is making progress by leaps and bounds but nothing is final in this world. We must keep on going ahead making additions to all areas in this era of competitions. It is possible only if we fully understand that development of the child is a joint venture i.e. all of us-Manag-ement, Teaching staff and Parents share equal responsibility and are determined for the all round development of the child. We presume that-


1. Our child has got talents,propensities plus as well as minus points.

2. we are to see the aptitudes of our children.

3. We are not to pass such remarks to a child that may lead to depression.

4. We are to accord recognition to the child wherever it is necessary.

5. We are to point his/her mistake in a wise manner.


Lets us join hands for the betterment of our children.We welcome the new entrants & wish them all the success.

S.Tara Singh(Chairman)

School Education Committee

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